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Bitech bipolar scissors

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Company Profile

Grazedean was established in 1978, to supply electrosurgical cables and their associated instruments. The range has now expanded to include fibreoptic cables, light sources, footswitches and diathermy accesories. The company normally offers a same day turnaround on the common types of cables and a cost effective repair service, where beneficial savings can be made. All products are CE marked.

Company News

Grazedean will be adding a new bipolar forceps range, Claris + which was recently exhibited in Germany. Intended for use in Neurosurgery the change in handle shape enhnaces the surgeons control of the high quality non stick bipolar forceps.

Enhancements to the Powegrip line of laparoscopy instruments are also being added including the Orbitaris in a monopolar and bipolar version. The rotating handle allows the surgeon to remain in a relaxed position during surgery instead of the wrists being forced into awkward positions. Please contact us for further information.

The introduction of a new range of microdissection needles is also available. Please contact us for further details.

Previous product updates and news can be found here.

Quick picture links below:

Laparoscopy link picture Bipolar insulated forceps link. NEW BiTech Bipolar Scissors

Laparoscopy Instruments : Orbitaris, Powergrip

Bipolar forceps, Claris non stick bipolar forceps, Titanium bipolar forceps and Irrigated bipolar forceps, Tungsten carbide tipped bipolar forceps BiTech Bipolar Scissors with single arm connection
Disposable Bipolar Forceps Bipolar cables link Page coming soon, call for more information
Disposable Bipolar Forceps Bipolar cables and connectors for most machines and instruments Microdome 2mm Ø bipolar electrodes
Diathermy Cables Link Electrosurgical and pneumatic footswitch link. Repairs Link
Monopolar Diathermy cables and connectors.

Electrosurgery footswitches and pneumatic footswitches

Handswitch link picture Page coming soon call for details Quivers
Handswitches / fingerswitches - 30 use, 100 use and disposable Cera Needle and Micro needles for handswitches Julian Taylor Quivers, endoscope protectors...
Light source link image Fibrelights  
Xenon, halogen and LED lightsources for surgery Fibreoptic cables, light guides, for all major brands  

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