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LED LIGHT SOURCES for medical use

LED light source for medical use

LED 1000-A
LED 3000-A

  • Low heat conduction
  • Low noise
  • Touch conrolled variable light intensity
  • Pure daylight quality
  • Waterproof touch control panel
  • PHASER™ Technology onh LED 3000 version

Suitable for use with headlights and fibrelight cables / light guides and instruments such as laparoscopes, endoscopes, sinuscopes etc.

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LED 1000-M  Storz adapter, manual light intensity control 
LED 1000-M  Wolf adapter, manual light intensity control 
LED 1000-M  Olympus adapter, manual light intensity control 
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LED 1000-A  Storz adapter, automatic light intensity control 
LED 1000-A  Wolf adapter, automatic light intensity control 
LED 1000-A Olympus adapter, manual light intensity control 
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LED 3000-A Storz adapter, automatic light intensity control
LED 3000-A Wolf adapter, automatic light intensity control
LED 3000-A Olympus adapter, automatic light intensity control
LED 3000-T Turret adapter, automatic light intensity control
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Features and options

LED 3000 model option: turret

LED turret close up

turret explained

LED 1000 & 3000 option to have intensity displayed as a value rather than bar.

LED intensity

Technical Data
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Lamp    · Daylight quality, 6000-6500°K
 ·LED 1000 - lifetime > 20,000 hours
 ·LED 3000 - lifetime < 30,000 hours
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Light guide connection    · Storz, Wolf or Olympus LED 1000
   · Storz, Wolf or Olympus or turret LED 3000
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Intensity control    · Touch control variable light intensity  
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System    · Power supply: 100/240 VAC, 47-63Hz.
  · Power consumption: 100 VA +/-10% or 200 VA +/-10% (LED3000)
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Video in (optional)  1 x Video, 1 X S-Video (Y/C) (automatic model only)
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Standard    · Protection class: I  
 · Application part: Type BF 
 · IEC 601-1, EN 60601-1; classification acc. 93/42/EEC: I
· EN ISO 13485
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Dimensions    · (WxHxD): 355 x 103 x 253 mm · Weight: 4.5 kg  (LED 1000)
   · (WxHxD): 355 x 120 x 340 mm · Weight: 10 kg  (LED 3000)
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Delivery contains    · Light source, mains cable, user manual, BNC cable (optional)
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Halogen light source Xenon light source Xenon with LED backup
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Xenon compact LED light source LED Hand Held Portable

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